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Your coaching…has been life-changing experience for me and I will always keep your advices in mind.

—Ying Y.

I had a pattern of being overwhelmed, always having an over full plate at work and becoming resentful to the people who kept filling it up. Little did I know that it wasn’t them, it was me and my underlying motivators. Amy used a process of observation, curiosity and reflection to help me find the underlying motivators and develop techniques to manage them. I have been leveraging this work for the last couple of years and have been able to maintain a right sized workload throughout that time. As I work with Amy to continue to develop myself and activate my leadership potential, I feel so much gratitude for her compassion, wisdom and guidance.  

—Julie R.

The biggest and hardest part in coaching is sitting with somebody's pain. Sitting in discomfort with them while they go through their discomfort and exploring it. Humans have a tendency to escape what is uncomfortable. It is a gift to be able to sit with somebody's discomfort. Amy has that gift.


She sat with me to explore the pain I was feeling at that time. I'm so grateful for our partnership and all that came up out of coaching with Amy.


If you're looking for some deep dive into yourself and are not afraid to see what you discover, I highly recommend working with Amy.

—Kathy H.
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