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Abstract Horizon

Amy March Coaching

Mindfulness-based leadership coaching for a better world

Helping leaders achieve extraordinary results while modeling balance, rigor, and heart.

Inclusive leadership that empowers and inspires


Amy's passion is helping clients become more effective and inclusive leaders while developing their capacity to maintain a life that is balanced, creative, and joyful.

Release from the inner critic

Clients learn to shift from self-limiting thoughts and behaviors to more productive “ways of being” in support of their coaching goals. What often occurs is a profound unfolding of the client’s innate and abundant gifts.

Wisdom through mindfulness


When we are more fully present, we respond more wisely to adversity, treat ourselves and others with kindness and compassion, and bring forth the best in ourselves and others to achieve extraordinary results.

A free one-hour consultation is available to prospective clients. Learn more.
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